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okay, i admit i am not the most up to the minute of people. if i have a ton of stuff to do during the day, getting on the computer is often the last thing i want to do when i get home. but i am surprised that it's been close to a month since i've even COMMENTED on lj!

where to begin. the rundown: nine kitties? check. mama kitty fixed? check. mama kitty being mysteriously pregnant when we took her into the vet when we have no non-spayed males in the house and she doesn't go outside? yeah...check. she was going to have babies again and i have no idea how. but if we had cancelled the appointment, i would have found mama kitty nursing newborns and ended up with a grand total of 11 fuzzballs.

new position in effect along with a $2 raise? hell yeah. it's not much of a raise but it's a huge help. the only bad thing is that i feel like i'm in school from 8-4:30 everyday. we are learning how to run (and in my case teach) the new soft ware. then we have a month on our own where we tweak and play and rebuild what we thought we did was right in the first place. and i have to do the manuals for training along with all this. i LOVE screen shots. they are my new best friends. and this is coming from someone who has a hell of a time figuring out how they worked on dA!

hmmm, the living room and hallways here are painted a lovely rosemary green and the carpet has begun to be torn off the stairs. i need to find out who installed the original carpeting and then beat them over the head with a large stick. literally every 1/2 inch there is a carpet staple. and that's on top of the nail strips. it's pure torture to rip out. but the wood underneath is a beatiful buttery oak.

new obsessions? the excitement of a new inuyasha season and legend of the seeker. this is what i get for late night googling. not only is craig horner/richard cypher delicious looking without a shirt, but it gives the good fantasy genre of hercules and xena. more serious plotlines, but a naked wizard of the first order and a chicken still brings amusement. i am sooo tempted to take vacation for next year at this time and take a field trip to comic-con in san diego.

we have our new movie theatre and i went to see half-blood prince there. it's beautiful and a lot of the original 1926 architecture has been restored. the only downside is a lack of AC. when you are crammed in there like sardines, it gets so hot.

hmmm...what else for a small town...oh! a movie is supposedly going to film in a nearby county. now cameron county doesn't have a whole lot there, i'm not sure they really even have a hotel in the county, i could be wrong, but it's VERY rural. there is talk of a movie called "unstoppeable" with denzel washington being filmed there using the olean, ny - driftwood, pa railroad. we were shocked. they would have to house everyone here in my county since they were estimating close to 300 hotel rooms being necessary. i don't know if we have that many but close. it would be great for our rural economy if it does come.

for now i think that's it!
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just a meme to pass the time as i play with yet another cat. yup...another one.

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David Eddings (b. 1931)

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David Eddings is the best-selling author of several series of fantasy novels, the most famous being The Belgariad (1982-84) and The Malloreon (1988-92). These books have become almost epitomic of the kind of fantasy that is fast-paced, full of humorous dialogue and written to entertain. And entertain they do. Few other writers have Eddings' ability to create characters that not only makes the reader feel as if he or she knows them, but are also very likeable. Perhaps this is due to Eddings unusual path to writing fantasy: He had tried writing in other genres with moderate success when he discovered that fantasy, a genre he had hitherto not been interested in, sometimes sells very well, and therefore started turning an old sketch of a map into a series of books. Without an interest in experimenting with form or pushing the boundaries of the genre, Eddings created the penultimate light entertainment instead, trusting his readers to keep reading because of charming characters and exotic, though not particularly original, environments.

After the success of The Belgariad and The Malloreon, Eddings turned to writing fantasy which was, supposedly, aimed at a more adult audience. The tendency towards violence as entertainment that had been present through-out his early works grew more prominent in the series of The Elenium (1989-91)and The Tamuli (1992-94). It was also around this time that David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings, was credited as the co-author of his books, though they admitted that she had been contributing from the very beginning.

Though Eddings isn't the most high cultured of fantasy writers, few would dispute that when it comes to charm, he has no rivals.
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</div>and this is the new one. our little chloe

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another month draws to an end

ahh, the sweet scents of summer are upon us. the chlorine from the pool next door, the flowers blooming at a rampant pace (i planted petunias since they are the only thing that seem to thrive under my touch. if i ever marry, my bouquet will have petunias in it) the litter boxes sitting in the heat...

we are doing a biggest loser type thing at work starting in june and i decided i was joining. not necessarily for the right reasons, mind you. the first prize is a Wii and Wii fit and i want them. i was playing with one at wal-mart and i loved it. weight loss for gaming equipment. a good bribe.

well, the baby is seven weeks old and he's bad. bad, bad, bad. he wasn't peeing in the litter box at first and we were wondering were he was going, we only have five other cats to teach him. he was peeing behind the cat food bags. lucky for us kitten pee doesn't smell. the little bugger kneew what the boxes were for, he just didnt' want to go in there and use them! he'd rather eat the litter. but the second you set him in there he peed. and he chews everything. tails, paws, curtains, toes. but he won't eat. he has no desire to leave his mama's nipple. we got him on canned milk mixed with water, but he will not try anything else. he turns his little pink nose up at kitten food, canned food, dry food, baby (human) food, stuff mixed in withthe milk. he's gonna end up 20 pounds and still suckling from his mama.

i also have a job interview tomorrow. and i'm not nervous about it at all. it's not that i think that i'm a shoe in to get it, there has been opposition, but that it has no effect on my current job if i don't. they are implementing a new software system in september and they need someone that will basically be a "superuser" with all the admin priviledges and contact with the company and set up the training. and they thought of me. i'm honored that they did, but a big part of the opposition is from one of the nurses who feels the position should go to a nurse. i am not one. i've worked in doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, etc since i was 16. i've picked up the lingo, learned a lot, been a medical assistant, done medical terminology and med lab in school so i can learn the pathways for the diseases. i am by no means as skilled as our nurses in the field. i will make mistakes there. i won't always know for certain what they need and what they won't right off the starting point, but i will have a good idea. that's where the training sessions come in. but i'm gonna try for it.

now i'm going to spam you with pics of my little duncan and the bumble bees that are invading my flowers.


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too much fun

saw this on madmistress65  page and i had to play along!

You can only answer with "Yes" or "No." You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments or messages you and asks, and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems!

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feeling proud

i managed to install my hard drive all by myself. i'm quite proud. granted when they ask me things like, "did you install your ethernet?" and i'm going "huh? i put in all the disks i had." i felt like an idiot, but i eventually got everything up and running again. now to try and find all those lovely sites that i once had bookmarked.

but i went from a 10 GB laptop HD to an 80 GB one so at least i have some space to work with and i can put off getting a new computer for a little while.

i did give myself a migraine though. i'm just not that computer savvy.

the baby has an offical name: duncan. i call him my little dunkin' donut. he loves it. if there is a person downstairs he trys to get out of his bedding. we switched from a wicker basket to a plastic laundry one in hopes that he wouldn't be able to get out of it, but he still can. and he loves to pee on me. sigh. he'll be a whole month old tomorrow. the little shit. he purrs and chews and loves to play. and now the older kittens, callie and nicky, wrestle around with him and pretend he's a soccer ball. it's cute. he does nip at them if they get too rough.

it's only 9pm and i'm ready for bed. i didn't even get to try my new space bag cubes to try and get some of the crap out of my room. i was too busy arguing with the computer. mom was only concerned that she couldn't get online.

i think i lost some of my pics of the little one while i was transferring stuff. i can't figure out where they went...
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baby pics

yes, it's been a long time coming and the pics are a bit old, but here is my little Ignatious.

no, that's not his name (yet). mom and i are currently fighting over that. he's 13 days old today and we are gonna try and stage some pics where we can get some good shot with those beautiful blue eye open.

he's fat and fluffy and mama leaves him for quite a while at a time now. he also has a habit of tumbling out of the bed, so we have to come up with something to do about that. at the rate he's growing, we may have to get him a bigger one soon. some of our others are afraid of him and our 6 month old male, nicky, cannot stand to hear him cry. when ever he does, nicky gets into the basket and wraps around him. of course then the baby tries to nurse and nicky wonders what's going on...

  mama about a week before giving birth.

  my little "Iggy"  

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sleepy kitty


well, baby.

caity started to have her kittens sometime last night. we have an orange one that is alive and well and has a very loud voice.

a black and white striped one appears to have never drawn it's first breath.

mama is defying all convention and still eating and drinking while in labor. to the point where i had to hold her down while mom cracked open the food cans for the others. thank god she is lovey and wants the human companionship because the little orange guy has already had kitty replacement milk once since he just can't seem to find and hold onto a titty.

snarling mama in labor just does not sound like fun.
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